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A2/A28 Bellmouth Junction at Thanington Proposed Alteration - summary of safety issues
Written by Gillian Bull   
Thursday, 27 December 2018 16:06


On 18th December 2018 the Wincheap Society’s Report



was sent by the office of Canterbury’s MP, Rosie Duffield, to the Department for Transport. The Report had been prepared by residents of Wincheap Ward in the hope that Highways England will be required to revisit this matter, this time with the safety of the public a paramount consideration.

The Report and an accompanying Appendix of source materials can be accessed on wincheapcampaigns.wordpress.com here.

The points we wish the DfT to address as a matter of urgency are:

Why has Highways England agreed to a road design that can only lead to an accident black spot?

Why has Kent County Council Highways Department agreed to take over the accident black spot once it has been constructed?

Why has Canterbury City Council not intervened on behalf of its residents, who will be put at risk by this?

A design to alter the London bound off-slip road from the A2 to the A28 at Thanington on the west side of Canterbury, proposed by a developer and accepted by HE and KCC, will involve:

making the off-slip road into a contra-flow, so that

traffic will enter the slip-road from the A28, and travel southwards on it, and

the point of entry requires a left turn on a 45 degree hair-pin bend, and

to the left of the slip road on the hair pin bend is a sheer drop to the A2 below.

The contra-flow system is to provide access for construction traffic, and after that all traffic, to a 750-house development site at Thanington. Until 2014 all previous applications to develop this land were rejected by CCC as lacking suitable road access.

However, now that a developer is to contribute £4.4 million towards construction of a 4th slip road exiting the A2 at Thanington, which HE and KCC have had on their To Do list for years, and because in 2014 CCC was desperate to make up the numbers for new housing in its Local Plan, what was previously impossible is now deemed feasible.

In performing this volte face HE and KCC appear to have accepted unquestioningly the developer’s road plans and designs.

The proposed new layout will be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians, in addition to being quite contrary to CCC’s policies for “modal shift” to foot and bicycle travel.

Residents have protested this potentially disastrous plan since they first realised that HE was prepared to accept it (see on other pages of wincheapcampaigns.wordpress.com.)

Our approaches to HE, KCC and CCC have been dismissed or ignored or rubbished.


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