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Minutes 2018 - 12th February
Written by Pat Marsh   
Wednesday, 02 May 2018 16:23


The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30 pm on Monday, 12th February, 2018 at 6 Victoria Rd (Thanks to Ed)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Ed Craven, Gillian Bull, Barney Parsons, Pat Marsh, Derek Maslin; Nick Eden-Green from 8.45pm

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting 8th January, 2018

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Playground

The Council has now resurfaced the paths. Planting bushes at the front and the question of a back gate are the only remaining outstanding issues. Ed will bring up the back gate again with Rebecca now most of the work has been done.

There are some complaints about noise at night coming from the playground.

Action: Ed

ii. CA//17/01263 – 190 Wincheap

John was told demolition was going to resume today. There is still no decision on the planning application.

iii. Litter Roundtable / Litter Pick / Graffiti etc.

Pat attended the Litter Roundtable as Ed was not well. The student goods recycling scheme will be up and running for when the students leave their houses this summer. Necessary Furniture will take charge of it. Books, clothing, crockery and electrical equipment will be recycled as part of this. A shop for students to take the goods in the next academic year will be open six days a week and there will be pop-up shops at both university campuses. Kent student TV is doing a promotional film about the scheme and UCA and Canterbury College will be included as well as Christ Church. There will be a bin amnesty for the last three weeks of June and the first week of July.

The Council now has a special fly-tipping van and is prosecuting 48 cases of fly-tipping. One lorry used for fly-tipping has been crushed.

The WinSoc litter pick is fixed for Sunday, 4th March 11am-12.15/30pm, meeting outside Wincheap Primary School. Pat has informed WinSoc members, Leo Whitlock (Communications) of the Council and the two universities about the litter-pick. She has also advertised it on the Keep Britain Tidy website. Ed will tour the area with Sian of the Litter Roundtable on 26th February to check where the main grot spots are.

There was a warning to those pulling up weeds: if it is ragwort, it is toxic to the liver so you should wear gloves.

Pat met Eddie of Network Rail today together with two Council Enforcement Officers and Cathy Sales of OHSCA, who is in charge of the refurbishment of the Lansdown Path footbridge. Eddie took photos of the graffiti on all sides of the Wincheap railway bridge and noted the obscene graffiti in one area (Network Rail only undertakes to clean off graffiti if it is obscene). The bridge is due for maintenance in the next financial year and Eddie will let Pat know when this will take place. It was thought we might try to have murals on the walls over the pavements on either side – perhaps we could run a fundraising event in aid of this.

Action: Ed, Pat

iv. CA//17/02456 – Former St Mary Bredin School

No news.

v. Proposed Nursing Home, Cockering Road

John hasn't been able to speak to the person responsible yet.

Action: John

vi. Breach of Duty of Care

We have had acknowledgements from KCC and Highways England – none yet from CCC. However, the Kentish Gazette ran an article: “Road scheme plans are dangerous say residents’ associations” in the 1st February issue. There is a long quote in it from Roger Cheeseworth (Thanington parish council clerk) and a response from CCC denying treating RAs with contempt. Gillian has prepared 53 pages of cases where the authorities have shown contempt for residents' associations in not engaging with the serious issues they have raised. She will prepare an item for the paper on it and perhaps for national publications like the LRB and Private Eye.

Action: Gillian

vii. Subway Design and Repair

Nick had a meeting with Richard Moore and has established that £55,000 has been set aside for the repair and redecoration of the Wincheap subway. An interesting option is to tile the approaches to the subway but have panels of “wallspace” in the tunnel with colourful photos/pictures/designs on them. Nick sent us a link to the website of the company which makes this covering: http://www.wallspace.uk.com/#home

4. CA//18/00177 – Change of use to HMO – 1-2 Lime Kiln Road

As Lime Kiln Rd is well within the area designated by the Council under an Article 4 Direction on HMOs where no new conversions to HMOs will be permitted, we will put in a comment against this change of use.

Action: Pat

5. CA//18/00235 – 4th Slip Road

Gillian is preparing WinSoc comments on this based on her many reports already up on the website and making the objections already well aired by WinSoc and Thanington Parish Council.

Action: Gillian

6. Obituaries

Bella Emberg, actress Russ Abbot’s Blunder Woman; Philip Eden, weather presenter; Edwin Hawkins, American gospel musician (Oh Happy Day); Peter Wyngarde, British actor (Jason King in TV series Department S); Dolores O’Riordan, Irish singer-songwriter (led rock band The Cranberries); Jenny Joseph, English poet (Warning: When I am an old woman I shall wear purple); Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly, decorated by both the British and Argentinian governments for his distinguished service during the Falklands War when he treated servicemen on both sides; Cyrille Regis, English international footballer who withstood serious racial prejudice; Peter Mayle, British author (A Year in Provence); Jimmy Armfield, footballer, Captain of England 1962; Simon Shelton Barnes, British actor (Tinky Winky in Teletubbies); Hugh Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter; Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA; Mark E. Smith, English singer-songwriter (led post-punk group The Fall; Charlie Hicks, greengrocer who co-hosted BBC Radio 4’s Veg Talk with Greg Wallace; Vic Damone, American big band singer (You’re Breaking My Heart).

7. Any other business

  1. An EIA screening opinion request for changes to the Cockering Rd development is up for comment on the CCC website. We will not be making any comments.
  2. Gillian drew our attention to an article in the 8th February issue of the LRB (Short cuts) which highlights the fact that any action on air pollution and other environmental laws depends on EU directives contained in our law. As we all know, CCC is dragging its heels on producing an Air Quality Action Plan as required. It is quite possible that the government would weaken environmental standards currently in force when we leave the EU and even abrogate our obligations under the Aarhus Convention, which provides for ‘fair, equitable, timely and not prohibitively expensive’ remedies in environmental cases. Government ministers have already tried to challenge the £10,000 cap this placed on the costs the loser has to pay in environmental cases; if this were removed, organisations like Client Earth and individuals like our own Michael Rundell would not be able to afford to pursue such cases as they have done, especially in forcing action on air pollution or refusal of developments on these grounds.

8. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 19th March, 7.30pm, 46 Martyrs Field Rd (thanks to Barney)


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