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Minutes 2018 - 19th March
Written by Pat Marsh   
Wednesday, 02 May 2018 16:24

The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society

at 7.30 pm on Monday, 19th March, 2018

at 46, Martyrs Field Rd (thanks to Barney)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Derek Maslin, Pat Marsh, Nick Eden-Green

1. Apologies for absence: Ed Craven

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting 12th February, 2018

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Playground

Ed had reported to John that the re-laying of the paths is complete but that there is no sign yet of new tree planting at the north end. He is still waiting to hear about any progress on the back gate.

A concerned parent has asked Nick if there can be some kind of barrier reinstated to stop children running out onto the street. It was noted that the spring on the gate doesn't work to keep itself closed – it swings open. John will ask Ed to see if the spring can be repaired so the gate will prevent children running out directly onto the street.

Action: John/Ed

ii. CA//17/01263 - 190 Wincheap

The building has finally been demolished after a more-than-twenty-year wait!

iii. Litter Pick

The new date for our postponed litter pick is Sunday, 29th April, 11am-12.30pm. Arrangements as before. Nearer the date Pat will send out Ed’s mobile phone number for participants on the day in case there are any doubts about weather conditions preventing it from taking place.

Action: Pat

iv. Nursing Home

There are ongoing fears about traffic chaos because of the insufficient number of parking places allocated in the plans. The height of building is also a bone of contention. Thanington Parish Council argues it is higher than the three storeys originally planned because it has a steep roof containing rooms with dormer windows. This effectively makes it four-storey. There is also a nursing home planned in Thanington Park, so it would be better to have another one further away from that site.

v. Breach of Duty of Care / 4th Slip Road / Two-way slip

The letter to Highways England went out on Friday with email copies to CCC and KCC. It was agreed to send hard copies to Richard Moore and Austin Mackie of CCC and Mike Whiting at KCC, all concerned with transportation. The letter highlights the key problem of the left turn for lorries from the slip road. If this isn't addressed, there is a serious risk to life and limb. Gillian will write to the businesses in the Retail Park to inform them about the problem posed for their delivery lorries.

Action: John/Gillian

vi. CA//18/00177, 1–2 Lime Kiln Road

Pat put in a comment on behalf of WinSoc and Derek also made a comment, both pointing out the restrictions on new HMOs in the Article 4 Direction on HMOs in the area. The application to convert the property into an HMO has been refused.

4. New Vision for Canterbury, The Canterbury Society

We have received an invitation for two WinSoc reps to attend this event on Thursday, 12th April, at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House. It is for RAs to discuss reworking the Vision in the light of the now adopted Local Plan. Barney and Derek will represent us. Pat will send them the invitation and RSVP to the Society.

Action: Pat /Barney/Derek

5. CA//18/00363. 61 Wincheap – PVC Windows

This is a locally listed building and no other house in the terrace has PVC windows. CDHF has already commented that the planned windows look very heavy and don't match the other windows in the terrace. John will comment saying the sash windows should be replaced with like PVC sash windows, which are hardly distinguishable from wooden ones.

Action: John

6. sittingbourne.me. Alleged corruption and collusion with Quinn Estates

We will keep watching this case and see if any evidence is produced to back up the claims.

7. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Lewis Gilbert, film director (Alfie and three Bond movies); Penny Vincenzi, British novelist (Sheer Abandon, The Best of Times, An Absolute Scandal); Brenda Dean, Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, trade union activist and Labour Party politician, first woman to lead a trade union (SOGAT); Billy Graham, American evangelist; Emma Chambers, English actress (Alice Tinker in The Vicar of Dibley); Sir Roger Bannister, neurologist and first person to run a mile in under four minutes; Trevor Bayliss, English inventor (wind-up radio); Sir Ken Dodd, English comedian; Bud Luckey, American animator (designer of Woody in Toy Story); Barbara Ann Alston, lead singer of American group The Crystals (Da Doo Ron Ron and Then He Kissed Me); Sir William McAlpine, construction magnate and steam train enthusiast (former owner of The Flying Scotsman); Professor Stephen Hawking, English theoretical physicist, cosmologist (A Brief History of Time); Jim Bowen, English stand-up comedian (host of ITV game show Bullseye); Neil Bell, sports reporter for the Kentish Gazette and for BBC South East; Print Edition of New Musical Express.

8. Any other business

  1. 2020 will be an important year for Canterbury as it’s the 800th anniversary of the translation of Thomas Becket. The Cathedral have asked Barney if RAs can celebrate in some way.
  2. Wincheap subway – Nick described the proposed design for the special wall covering in the tunnel and the tiles for the approaches. The lighting will also be upgraded. He is hoping it can all be done this summer.
  3. We have received an email from Cathy Sales of OHSCA about noisy neighbour problems and anti-social behaviour at 105 Oxford Rd. Nick has found out that this is being dealt with by the Council’s Doug Rattray.

iv. The corner shop on the corner of Tudor Rd is applying to be a café. In fact it will be a takeaway, as Steve Skinner has pointed out. John will make a comment pointing out the potential problems with cars parking, litter and the cumulative impact of another takeaway on Wincheap. The opening hours are not stated in the application but he will say we would object to late hours.

Action: John

v. ACRA is holding an event on the crisis in the NHS on 2nd June to keep RAs informed and aware of any action they might take. Pat will be attending.

Action: Pat

  1. Land at Hollow Lane – there is an addition to the planning application to erect 52 houses to allow the erection of fencing to the front of plots 23 and 24. It wasn’t expected that we have any objections but Pat will send John and Barney the planning application no. so they can check.

Action: Pat/John/Barney

9. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 30th April, 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap (thanks to John)