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Minutes 2018 - 4th June
Written by Pat Marsh   
Friday, 12 October 2018 10:02


The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30 pm on Monday, 4th June 2018 at 40 Scott Avenue (thanks to Gillian)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Ed Craven, Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Pat Marsh, Nick Eden-Green

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake, Derek Maslin, Debra Johnson

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting 30th April, 2018

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising.

i. CA//18/00363 – 61 Wincheap

The application for replacement windows was refused.

ii. Thomas Becket celebrations

No new ideas were put forward.

iii. Wincheap Subway

Nick had a meeting last Thursday with the Council’s Richard Moore. They have selected and agreed the photos for one of the walls itself with countryside views and wildlife. Nick has a meeting tomorrow with the Beaney Marketing Manager to finalise the pictures to be reproduced on the other wall. The contract has been finalised with the wall film company for the design and fixing. The lighting will first be upgraded, then the ceiling will be painted and then the walls will be done. The tiles for the entrance slips are being tested at the moment and, if they are suitable, a contract will be signed with the company supplying them. SERCO will probably have to fit the tiles although they are very expensive but no other business has supplied a quote as they are either too big or too small a company to undertake what is required. Nick is hopeful that the work will be carried out this summer. The whole project is almost within budget.

Correcting the drain still seems to be too difficult for SERCO to address.

iv. CA//18/00463 – 21 Wincheap

The application for change of use has not yet been decided but there are two new objections from neighbours.

v. ACRA Event on the NHS

This event on 2nd June has been postponed. ACRA was very keen to hold it in the period immediately preceding the formal consultation on changes in major A&E services in Kent. The various health authorities had been anticipating that this formal consultation would commence late spring or early summer of this year. It is now clear that this process will now be delayed by at least a further six months or possibly run into 2019. As soon as they have a definite date they will rearrange the ACRA event accordingly.

vi. CA//18/00514 – Land at Hollow Lane – Fence (Railings)

Nick has not made a fuss about the fact that the decision was made before the consultation had finished as he thought the plans would have been passed anyway and he doesn’t want to be seen as objecting to everything the Planning Department does.

vii. Meeting with Mike Whiting 15th May

Nick attended on behalf of WinSoc. Martin Vye has written a letter which summarises what was said and this has been sent to us. Mike Whiting did leave recognising that the ring road in Canterbury needs reconsideration in view of all the new developments all around the city and appreciating that certain details of the slip road plans are unsatisfactory and have not been given proper attention. Nick referred to the WinSoc blog and the valuable reports there on the issues concerned. At least the Wincheap relief road has now been accepted as a priority before the Thanington developments and fourth slip road are done. The key point now is to get a big enough Park & Ride site.

Nick pleaded for everyone to keep up the pressure on the councils on all these pressing issues.

viii. AGM (See item 4)

ix. KFAS AGM change of date and venue

This has now been postponed to 7th July but no one from WinSoc will be attending.

x. CA//18/00657 – land adjacent to 11-12 Best Lane

The application was refused.

xi. Dane John Stakeholder Meeting

This event will now take place on 27th June from 4pm to 6pm in St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall. Barney will attend on our behalf and Pat will inform the Council about this.

Action: Barney, Pat

xii. Heritage Strategy

There was a workshop on this on 24th May. Nick attended and found it useful. It was attended by many committed and knowledgeable people who are aware how important our heritage is for the economy, as well as for other considerations. It put heritage back on the map after the decimation of the Council's heritage department and the free-for-all in planning which resulted.

xiii. “Love to Paint” Event

The footbridge mural has been finished together with murals on the wall along the path to the East Station.

4. Annual General Meeting

i. Venue and Date

Friday 13th July at 7.30pm at Jubilee Hall

ii. Agenda

John has done this. It will follow the usual format with Apologies, Chairman's Report, Treasurer's Report, Election of Officers, AOB. There will then be an interval with refreshments before the speaker.

iii. Financial Statement

John has prepared this.

iv. Speaker

Geoff Meaden of The Canterbury Society will have ten minutes to talk about the questionnaire and hand copies out for members to fill in. With Gillian’s help, Nick will then present the road plans in Thanington with slides, for which Barney will provide the digital projector and screen. There will then be a Q&A. We'll invite SMACS and others. Title of talk: Traffic Nightmare on Wincheap - Coming Soon! We will advertise it with flyers which Ed and Pat will prepare.

Action: Gillian, Nick, Barney, Ed, Pat

v. Committee Nominations

All current committee will stand although Gillian is selling her house and may no longer be in the area soon.

vi. Refreshments

We will budget for 40 attendees and get wine on a sale-or-return basis with glasses. Instead of a lot of food, we’ll just have high quality nibbles.

Action: John

vii. Anything else?

We won’t have a raffle this year.

5. CA//18/00780 – 78-80 Wincheap (above Elite Garage) – Escape Kent

Escape Kent is a gaming company specialising in locking people in a space, who then have to solve clues to find the way out. They will have three different rooms. The committee didn’t anticipate problems with parking or noise.

6. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

John will add a sentence to the membership form to comply with the new regulations.

Action: John

7. Obituaries – Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Peter Byrne, English actor ( Andy Crawford in Dixon of Dock Green); Tessa Jowell, Labour MP and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, mastermind behind the London Olympics 2012; Beth Chatto, plantswoman and garden designer; Margot Kidder, Canadian-American actress and activist ( Lois Lane in Superman film series with Christopher Reeve); Ray Wilson, English footballer, member of 1966 World Cup winning team; Bill Gold, American graphic designer responsible for thousands of film posters; Philip Roth, American novelist (American Pastoral, Portnoy’s Complaint); Alan Bean, American naval officer and astronaut, the fourth man to walk on the Moon;

Omitted from previous months:

Katie Boyle, British TV personality; Eric Bristow, English professional darts player; Garech Browne, notable patron of Irish arts, especially music.

8. Any other business

  1. KCC has put out a brief for potential consultants on the Canterbury ring road to carry out further studies with the aim of minimising car journeys. This will include the traffic-light plan discussed at the meeting with Mike Whiting. Nick has put in some suggested rewording (NB There is mention of three roundabouts instead of six and account must be taken of the impact of all planned developments, including Hersden and the bypass from Littlebourne Rd, as well as changed traffic patterns as a result of the fourth slip road). Peter Styles has also put forward suggestions especially concerning priority for pedestrians and cyclists.

ii. John suggested having a Quiz Night in the autumn and will talk to Joe to see if he can arrange another one on the model of the past successful ones he has arranged.

Action: John

9. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 2nd July, at 7.30pm at 53, Wincheap (thanks to John)


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