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Minutes 2018 - 2nd July
Written by Pat Marsh   
Friday, 12 October 2018 10:04


The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30 pm on Monday, 2nd July 2018 at 53 Wincheap (thanks to John)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Derek Maslin, Ed Craven, Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Pat Marsh, Nick Eden-Green

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting 4th June, 2018

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Subway

Nick reported that the tile samples from the local supplier had proved unsuitable as it is difficult to remove graffiti from them so the Council will now order the ones used by Transport for London. The pictures for the wall film are being decided. An order for works on the lighting and painting the ceiling has now gone out. The rest of the work will probably now be done in September/October.

ii. CA//18/00436 – 21 Wincheap

New plans for a takeaway have been submitted with a new deadline for comments. We will again comment on the lack of waste disposal facilities.

Action: John

iii. Dane John Stakeholder Meeting

Pat informed the Council that Barney would be representing us at the event on 27th June but he couldn't attend at the last minute. Nick attended as a resident and reported on the proceedings. There were various presentations on different aspects such as litter, night-time noise, grass cutting etc. and then attendees were invited to fill in cards with comments and complaints on the different aspects. It was proposed that Cllr Louise Jones (owner of Club Chemistry) use her door staff to block the various entries to the Gardens from Club Chemistry between 10pm and 4am for a trial period of six months. This appears to be equivalent to a private police force blocking public rights of way and is illegal and was considered unacceptable by the committee. The alternative of erecting gates to the Gardens which are locked at night as in other local parks is not one which Nick is personally in favour of, as he doesn’t wish to live in a gated compound. One positive factor proposed is the introduction of a warden in the Gardens in the daytime and evenings.

We will write to Douglas Rattray with SMACS copied in, making it clear it is unacceptable to have the footbridge and city wall being blocked at night by door staff from Club Chemistry.

Action: Pat

iv. A.G.M. (See Later)

v. Quiz Night

John hasn't been able to contact Joe yet.

Action: John

4. A.G.M. Friday, 13th July, 2018 at The Jubilee Hall

i. Agenda

This has been done and revised. After Apologies and the Chairman's welcome, the AGM will begin with Geoff Meaden of The Canterbury Society presenting the appeal for ideas for the new Vision for Canterbury in a maximum of ten minutes and asking attendees to fill in their questionnaire. Nick will be presenting Traffic Nightmare on Wincheap - Coming Soon? with slides prepared by Gillian and Barney. After refreshments, the business part of the meeting will take place.

ii. Financial Statement


iii. Chairman’s Report


iv. Presentations

There was discussion about the action attendees could take concerning the coming traffic nightmare on Wincheap. The idea was accepted to have a petition with a short and simple preamble. Pat and Ed will work on the wording. They might use the fact that 2018 marks the 19th anniversary of the Society’s Vision for Wincheap on the website, as well as seven years since the road has been in an Air Quality Management Zone with no action taken by the Council.

Apart from the petition, we will also provide a list of email addresses of officers and councillors to write to, with the blog address for information to use.

Attendees can also attend meetings where relevant planning applications will be coming up. We will ask them to leave their email addresses so we can inform them about these.

Action: Pat, Ed

v. Refreshments

John will get 12 bottles of wine, provide bottled water and hire glasses from Wincheap Wines. Barney will provide a large bottle of orange squash, crisps and other nibbles.

Action: John, Barney

vi. Invitations to Councillors, RAs, Gazette and Canterbury Journal

Pat will invite Charlotte MacCaul, Michael Northey, Ida Linfield, The Kentish Gazette, OHSCA, SMACS, ACRA and Thanington Parish Council reps to the AGM.

Action: Pat

vii. Election of Officers and Committee

Nick will take the chair for this.

5. Obituaries – Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Joe Jackson, reputedly tyrannical father/manager of The Jackson Five; Dame Gillian Lynne, choreographer (Cats and other musicals); Alan Longmuir, co-founder of The Bay City Rollers; Peter Firmin, animator, creator or co-creator of The Clangers, Ivor The Engine, Noggin the Nog, Basil Brush, Bagpuss, et al.

6. Any other business

  1. CA//18/00558 – 23 Wincheap
    This is the other corner of Tudor Rd from No.21. An application for a café restricted to hot food that can be done in a microwave has been granted.

ii. CA//18/01062 – 128 Wincheap
This is an application for new windows and air bricks, as well as reinstating a floor and a fireplace in the kitchen.

  1. Report on HE/FE Community Operations

Pat reported back that the Moving Out campaign with Necessary Furniture collecting reusable goods from students moving out of their shared houses had been successful, though it was thought it should cover more than one collection in our area in future as many students move out at the end of June rather than on the 15th (collection day this year). Necessary Furniture is making up kits of recycled goods for students moving in in September with the essentials for their households. Landlords will receive recycling guides for their tenants and laminated notices for their bins to show what goes in them. 80 duvets have been collected for dogs’ homes.

The Council will also be producing kits for Street Meets for permanent residents to meet up with students moving in. This would cut down the cost of organising such events for RAs. Pat proposed we arrange one for Saturday 29th in the afternoon in the Martyrs Field Memorial Park, if possible. We might persuade Domino’s to provide free pizzas or might have a BBQ. This would be an ideal opportunity to press home to new residents the importance of dealing with waste appropriately and only leaving bins on the streets the evening before collection.

It is heartening to hear about all the schemes the Council and universities are now running to encourage student safety and good neighbourliness. As well as the street marshals scheme, for which Pat is on the steering committee, there is now the Zero Tolerance project. Kent Union has been working with partners across the city, including Canterbury Connected BID, to deliver this. The project aims to tackle sexual harassment in the night time economy through creating a culture where sexual harassment is not tolerated or accepted and where there are supportive reporting mechanisms available for anyone who is harassed.

All concerned are also encouraging students to take ‘lit routes’ around the city and are producing a film about this. The main concern is to stop students crossing the ring road and jumping over railings rather than using the well-lit subways which have cctv cameras for their safety and security.

  1. The NHS At 70:  Public Question And Answer Event organised by the Centre for Health Services Studies 12th July 7.00-9.00pm Colyer Fergusson Hall, University of Kent

v. Sustainable Development:  How Can We Implement This Locally? Talk by Dr Carl Wright, 7.30 pm, Tuesday 17th July, St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall

  1. The Canterbury Society is asking for nominations for their design awards 2018.

vii. The road under the railway bridge is going to be one lane in the evenings for work to take place from 2nd July 2300 to 0500 on 14th July.

viii. There will be a special event at the Tiniki pop-up cafe in Unboxed on Palace Street on 3rd August. Further details from Ed.

ix. A resident at 81 Martyrs Field Rd was in the paper complaining about the parking situation on the road and suggesting the road could be one-way as cars cannot pass each other and reversing cars have caused damage to parked cars several times. Pat will speak to him and see if he wants to join her in writing to Richard Jenkins at CCC asking him to survey the matter.

Action: Pat

9. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 3rd September 7.30pm at 18 Martyrs Field Rd (thanks to Pat)


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