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Minutes 2018 - AGM 13th July
Written by Pat Marsh   
Friday, 12 October 2018 16:01

The Wincheap Society

Minutes of The Wincheap Society Annual General Meeting

at 7.30 pm on Friday, 13th July, 2018, at Jubilee Hall, Cow Lane

1. Apologies for absence: Hilary Osborne, Eddie Peake, Tessa Taylor, Virginia Lloyd Owen, Cllr Robert Thomas, Cllr Ida Linfield, Cllr Michael Northey, Mike Whiting

2. Chairman’s Welcome

3. Traffic Nightmare on Wincheap – Coming Soon?

Cllr Nick Eden-Green made a presentation with slides about the plans for new roads and developments which spell traffic chaos for Wincheap. The text with graphics can be read at https://wincheapcampaigns.wordpress.com/

There was a Q and A session afterwards and attendees were invited to sign a petition with the following text:

“We, the undersigned, call upon Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council to provide a Wincheap relief road and junction onto the ring road, enlarged Park & Ride facility and integrated pedestrian and cycle network for Wincheap before any of the proposed new road constructions in the area take place.”

Attendees could also take away a handout on councillors and council officers to contact about this issue.

The Wincheap Society undertook to update all members and non-members who provided their contact details by email with any information relevant to this issue in the future.

4. Address by Dr Geoff Meaden on The Canterbury Society’s questionnaire for residents on the new Vision for Canterbury and his invitation to attendees to complete it. Pat will send out an e-version to all contacts.

After the presentation there were refreshments before the Annual General Meeting for members only.

Annual General Meeting

5. Chairman’s Report

As I say at every A.G.M., it doesn’t seem possible that yet another year has passed and we are gathered here again. Thank you for abandoning Wimbledon and The First Night of the Proms.

Our small but dedicated Committee has worked very hard throughout the year monitoring Planning Applications, Highway Proposals, and anything to do with the Wincheap area. We welcome Derek Maslin to the Committee. He was co-opted during the past year.

As you will see from the Financial Statement, we are still holding on trust four thousand five hundred pounds for the resurfacing of Hop Garden Way. I thought we were at last making progress with this, having received details of the sections of the Way that this contribution is supposed to finance, possibly along with some other funds to enable some more to be done. However, I learnt just a few weeks ago that the person responsible, Chris Maw of K.C.C. Highways, had left at the end of April, so it may be back to the drawing board.

This year saw further progress with the Playground, with all the paths having now been resurfaced. The internal barriers have been erected but the tree planting has, as yet, to materialise. The proposals for a rear entrance from Cogan’s Terrace have yet to be investigated.

Going off at a tangent, I must warn you to beware of on-street parking on Public Holidays. Most official bodies and firms treat Bank Holidays as Sundays. Bus services, train services, banks, Council Offices, etc., all provide Sunday services on Bank Holidays. Not so Parking Regulations and its Enforcement. If the sign indicates that you do not have to pay on Sundays this does not include Bank Holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (unless the latter two fall on a Sunday); you have to pay. Our Physiotherapist was given a ticket while attending my wife, Hilary, in an emergency situation. The fact an Ambulance was also present should have given a clue.

February saw the final demolition of the former Roger Britton Carpet Showroom after more than thirty years of neglect. How long it will remain surrounded by hoardings is unknown. I expect that there will have to be an archaeological dig before rebuilding can start. This site has been on the Agenda of The Wincheap Society since we were founded just over twenty years ago.

We have supported, throughout the year, the “Litter Round Table” a collaboration between the Council, Residents’ Associations, and other interested parties which is making good progress in tackling “Grot Spots” throughout the Council Area, but it is a never ending battle. We had our own litter pick back in April which also included attacking graffiti. We were unable to do anything to major graffiti problems such as the railway bridge and the side of the building on Seymour Place and the Chinese take-away. We are in contact with Network Rail trying to sort out the Railway Bridge, but it seems that they only have one officer for all the graffiti vandalism throughout the whole of Kent and Sussex. Nevertheless, we will keep banging away and hopefully make progress.

The Planning Application for more Student Accommodation on the site of The Former St Mary Bredin School (The Canterbury Motor Company) was refused following many objections from ourselves and other Residents’ Associations, as well as Christchurch University. However, there is much discussion about what is to become of the site and nothing has yet been decided. It is possible that there will be an Appeal against the Decision.

Thanks to pressure by Councillor Nick Eden Green, backed by ourselves, progress has been made to improve the Wincheap Subway. There are going to be graffiti resistant film panels through the subway with photos of the Stour Valley on one side and of Canterbury buildings on the other. The approaches are to be tiled in an abstract design which should discourage graffiti and will withstand cleaning. The lighting will be upgraded and it is hoped that the drainage can be sorted out in due course. This is a most important part of the upgrade and we will keep up pressure to expedite this.

We heard earlier from Dr Geoff Meaden about the Canterbury Society’s “Vision for Canterbury”, for which we as a Committee and you as members are supplying further input.

Finally we come to the Thanington Park Development and associated infrastructure. I have left this till last as it is the most important, time-consuming and complicated of all our activities during the year.

There is the fourth slip road off the A2 routing traffic through the trading estate via a roundabout, which it is thought unlikely that the new large “road trains” will be able to navigate safely.

The two-way slip road from Bridge is also a bone of contention with traffic light controls and the possibility of tailbacks onto the A2 while construction traffic crosses the opposite flow.

Another infrastructure problem is the lack of cycle path and pedestrian connections.

We have had a great deal of correspondence with Kent County Council, Canterbury City Council, Highways England and others, much of which has been detailed in the earlier presentation. They have each been sent a “Breach of Duty of Care Notice” signed by ourselves, other Residents’ Associations and Councillor MacCaul, saying they had ridden roughshod over the public’s concerns over air pollution and unsafe road constructions.

Meetings have been held with Quinn Estates and other interested parties over their plans for the land off Cockering Road and the access roads. We are more than a little concerned about the proposals as serious allegations of corruption relating to the same company’s activities in the Sittingbourne area have been made.

Our sincere thanks must go to Gillian Bull for the hours of work she has put into producing all the various letters and documents for all these aspects of our campaigning and for setting up a secondary website where all of the graphics can be viewed by anyone with an interest in these matters. Very many thanks, Gillian.

Well, that concludes my report this year, except to thank you all for coming this evening and to express my thanks to all our committee members for their continuing hard work and dedication throughout the year.

6. Financial Statement

1st June, 2017 to 31st May, 2018

01/06/17 Opening Balance, being made up of:-

Cash in Hand 56.12

Balance at Bank 110.29

Held in Trust (at Bank) * 4500.00

4666.41 4666.41


14/07/17 Subscriptions at A.G.M. 90.00

Raffle at A.G.M. 23.00

09/11/17 Further Subs criptions 27.00

17/03/18 Further Subscriptions 5.00

145.00 145.00


13/05/18 ID Consultants Website Domain

Hosting Fee 25.00

23/04/18 A.C.R.A. Subscription. 20.00

13/05/18 K.F.A.S. Subscription. 25.00

13/05/18 Canterbury Society Subscription. 20.00

90.00 90.00

31/05/17 Surplus Income over Expenditure * 4721.41

Represented by :- Balance at Bank 4680.29

Cash in Hand 41.12

*Surplus includes £4500 held in trust for resurfacing Hop Garden Way.

7. Election of Committee

All committee members were re-elected unanimously by a show of hands.

Chairman: John Osborne

Treasurer: Eddie Peake

Minutes/Membership Secretary: Pat Marsh

Committee members: Gillian Bull, Ed Craven, Barney Parsons, Derek Maslin, Debra Johnson, Joe Passey

8. Any Other Business

  1. In reply to a query about what was happening to the Adscene building, John replied that Canterbury Archaeological Trust are going to take it over. A small museum will be part of it.

The meeting closed at 9.27 pm.