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Amended Park & Ride plans come out in spite of WinSoc plea
Written by Pat Marsh   
Thursday, 15 August 2019 15:16


The Wincheap Society was shocked to see the amended plans for the Wincheap Park & Ride extension, which are now out for consultation.

The amendments do little to address the 400-plus objections to the original plans. The Council's recent declaration of a climate emergency is surely incompatible with the felling of scores of trees along the riverbank, and we believed that the Council was now fully aware of the vital importance of those trees for the health of the ecosystem, flood prevention and soil stability, as well as of the other key environmental factors militating against the planned P&R extension.

Many respondents to the original consultation suggested that the solution to providing more parking spaces would be to make the existing car park multi-storey, rather than extending it into the water meadows. There are options for decking which can be built quickly and may not require excessive foundations. If the Council were to do a detailed feasibility study, they might discover that the cost of adding another level to the existing P&R would be comparable to that involved in felling most of the trees along the riverbank, clearing and landscaping the site, and installing permeable block paving.

Two members of The Wincheap Society met with our Council Leader, Robert Thomas, on 7th August and urged him to instigate a review of all the plans for the Thanington/Wincheap road network, including the new A2 coast-bound off-slip, a contraflow on the existing A2 north-bound off-slip, the Park & Ride extension and the (as yet unapproved) plans for a Wincheap Relief Road, which currently give no relief whatsoever to the narrowest and most polluted parts of the road and leave all traffic from the Wincheap roundabout going up Wincheap, even if drivers are bound for the industrial estate. It seems Cllr Thomas does not believe serious consideration should be given to Wincheap residents' constructive and practical proposals for alternatives to the seriously flawed plans for the area.


As they stand, these plans can only lead to considerable environmental damage, unsafe roads, increased traffic congestion and its associated harmful air pollution, all contributing to substantial detriment to our quality of life.

You can see the plea we made to Cllr Thomas with diagrams of suggested alternative plans here.



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