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Wincheap Park & Ride - new consultation on slightly amended plans
Written by Pat Marsh   
Thursday, 15 August 2019 15:31

The Council has brought out amended plans for the Wincheap Park & Ride extension necessitated by the fact that the new A2 coast-bound off-slip (already given planning permission) will go through part of the existing Park & Ride site and extra provision needs to be made for the new traffic thus created to leave vehicles at the Park & Ride rather than drive into the city.

The revised plans can be seen here. (Click Search planning applications, put in the reference number 18/02551, go to the Documents and scroll down to Design and Access in the list. Click on the View button.) They still involve felling scores of trees on the riverbank, despite their known prevention of flooding and provision of shade, and create a 16m buffer zone from the river instead of a 8m one, with some landscaping which retains a few of the trees and plants shrubs and grasses.

As you may remember, the Council declared a climate emergency only last month, but this and the objections of over 400 individuals and organisations, such as The Environment Agency, seem to have been mainly ignored, as has the suggestion made by many that the Park & Ride would best be extended with a multi-storey car park on the existing site. There are many decking structural options to be looked at, some of which are speedy and may not require excessive foundations. The Council have not even bothered to do a feasibility study on this. If they did, they might discover that the cost would be comparable to that involved in felling the majority of the trees along the riverbank, clearing the site and doing all the landscaping, as well as installing permeable block paving.

Please consider putting in a response to this new consultation, even if you did one for the original plans. If there are again hundreds of strong objections, they might decide to at least do a feasibility study on constructing decks over the existing car park.

You can make a comment here, but be warned that the page times out after half an hour so everything you write will be lost if you take longer than this. The best idea is to first compose your response in a document which you then copy and paste into the comment box.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 17:44