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Minutes 2019 - 21st January
Written by Pat Marsh   
Saturday, 02 March 2019 10:36

The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society

at 7.30 pm on Monday, 21st January 2019 at 53 Wincheap

(thanks to John)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Derek Maslin, Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Pat Marsh, Cllr Nick Eden-Green

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake, Ed Craven

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 3rd December, 2018

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Subway

The tiling is now complete but Nick has no date for the vinyl wrapping inside the tunnel yet. The lights will be upgraded to LED with possibly new fittings before the wrapping is done.

ii. CA//18/00436 – 21 Wincheap

Permission has been granted for the premises to become a takeaway but with many conditions: opening time 7pm-11pm, extraction flue system must be better quality, the office will become a refuse storage facility. All these conditions must be met before operations can begin.

iii. Bus services

Stagecoach say that the train service and excessive waiting times at railway crossings mean that the No.1 service cannot be improved.

As for setting up a bus stop on the Rheims Way, we will need to apply to KCC.

Action: John

iv. Hop Garden Way

Michael Northey replied that he was seeking clarification from the Highways Department and pursuing the matter. The dog bins have been removed and Nick will try to get them returned as the situation has become bad again. John will write to the Council about this and about the park at the top of Birch Avenue, which has a similar problem.

Action: John

v. Christmas Window Display Competition

The winner was Elite Garages for a decorative and humorous display with a snowman, Christmas tree and other decorations made from tyres and other automobile paraphernalia.

The runner-up was Coombs (Canterbury) Ltd for a decorative and inclusive display involving the local community using contributions in cooperation with Wincheap School.

Highly commended were The Tipsy Fish (formerly Wincheap Wines) and The Deep Blue.

Commended were Woollard and Kent, Clothesline and Marino’s Fish Bar.

vi. Former St Mary Bredin School Appeal

This has still not been registered.

vii. Graffiti

John wrote to Doug Rattray about the railway bridge, the wall on Seymour Place and the Roundhouse, as well as the damage to the footbridge near Lansdown Rd. Doug wrote back that such instances should be reported as a crime to the police. The Council have dedicated an officer to monitor graffiti and clean tags. He made no mention, however, of the obscene ones John cited. Obscene and racist graffiti should be cleaned within 24 hours. Nick noted the difficulty of reporting graffiti to the police because a day and time must be given.

There will be a conference on graffiti on 20th February at 7pm at the GAUC Girne American University on St George's Place. Serco will come out to private property if the graffiti is reported by the owner. It is easiest to clean it off when new and the paint is still soft. John will write to Doug again about outstanding issues.

Action: John

viii. Planning Procedure

Once permissions have been granted comments will be taken off the website as they will have been noted in the officer's summary.

ix. A2 A28 slip road

Rosie Duffield MP has submitted Gillian's documents on the slip road etc to DfT. Nick and Gillian are meeting the KM Gazette about doing a story on it.

4. Draft Canterbury District Heritage Strategy Consultation

It was agreed there was no strategy to speak of in the document, just a summary of the District's heritage assets with some errors and omissions (The Old Tannery is located in Sun St instead of Stour St and there is no mention of Kent Cricket Club).

Barney noted a disconnect between the Cathedral and the Council, illustrated by the fact that City Guides can't enter the Cathedral precincts with groups. There is a need to have cooperation between the two bodies.

As for increasing visitor numbers, Pat pointed out the need to address traffic congestion, air pollution and graffiti, which have made Canterbury an unpleasant place to visit compared with eg York. Proper tourist trails around the city are also needed.

Barney will begin a WinSoc response and committee members can add points. It must be submitted by 22nd February.

Action: Barney

5. 17 Wincheap

This is the Listed building which has been altered without consent. The owners have been told to apply for retrospective planning permission, which they will probably get.

6. Treasurer

Eddie has resigned due to health reasons and we are now seeking a new Treasurer.

7. Wizzies (Wincheap Society Awards) 2019

Gillian has composed these again this year and they were unanimously considered very entertaining. The only issue was whether or not to include the one on Michael Northey, who has done nothing as our KCC councillor to represent our views on the Thanington developments and slip road.

Gillian will email the Wizzies to the usual suspects (RAs etc) and Pat will put them on the website. Gillian will also send them to The Kentish Gazette and later to The Canterbury Journal.

Action: Gillian, Pat

8. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Peter Armitage, English TV actor (Coronation Street); Pete Shelley, lead singer with Buzzcocks; David Austin, rose grower; Paddy Ashdown, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sister Wendy Beckett, art historian; June Whitfield, English radio, television and film comedy actress; Daryl Dragon, American musician and songwriter (Captain in Captain and Tennille); Ray Sawyer, American singer and vocalist with the 1970s rock band Dr Hook & the Medicine Show; Nancy Wilson, American jazz singer (How Glad I am); Honey Lantree, drummer in The Honeycombs; Dean Ford, lead singer with Marmalade; Eric Haydock, original bass guitarist of The Hollies; Windsor Davies, Sgt Major in It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum; Carol Channing, American Broadway star (Hello, Dolly)

9. Any other business

i. Friends of St Mildred’s

Old Wincheap, a talk by Geoff Dawkins at St Mildred's Church on Friday, 15th February at 7.30pm St Mildred's Church. Tickets £7 on the door, refreshments provided. Call Tessa Taylor for details 07754 175334. Pat will circulate members.

Action: Pat

ii. CA//19/00001 – 129 Wincheap – new door

It isn’t clear from the website what this door looks like. The house has already been altered with a bay window so we won't bother to respond.

iii. Message to website:

Pat had received a message on the website from a Sarah Differ, asking for support in fighting the Council’s plans to extend yellow lines on Thanington Rd up St Nicholas Rd and around Cockering Rd and Strangers Lane. This is apparently to allow for construction traffic for the new developments in Thanington. The estate roads will become major roads and need better sightlines at junctions.

Nick has distributed 1,000 leaflets to the immediately affected houses, providing contact details if residents have objections. Sarah Differ has started a campaign on this and has leafleted even more houses. Representations have to be in by 24th January.

Nick had a meeting with Sarah and 5/6 other residents who are very angry about the curtailment of their parking rights. The Council should have leafleted their houses and put notices up on lampposts, but this was apparently not done. Nick has put in a representation to go to the Joint Transportation Board on 21st March.

Although this is actually outside our patch, committee agreed to write a short email to Ruth Goudie, CCC Senior Transportation Officer, saying this whole scheme with the yellow lines in Thanington hasn't been adequately planned and will mean parking will be displaced elsewhere. This is another argument for the future Wincheap Park&Ride to have far more spaces. Derek offered to write the email and copy it to Sarah Differ. Pat will also send her an email in reply to hers.

Action: Derek, Pat

iv. Lorries in Park&Ride

Derek’s idea has been featured in the Kentish Gazette and his letter published. The idea is that the new Wincheap Park&Ride should be opened up to lorries after the commuter buses stop running at 7.30pm until they start again at 7am the following day. This would solve the problem of lorries parking up on the industrial estate overnight and leaving waste and litter behind, as well as causing an obstruction.

The committee likes the idea and the Council is considering it.

v. CA//18/02551/FUL – not accessible on website

The proposed extension to the existing park and ride facility to provide an additional 278 parking spaces, replacement terminal building, reconfiguration to access, together with fencing, lighting, landscaping and cycle storage.

The committee considered the provision of parking spaces is far too small. We need 1,200 altogether once there is no Park&Ride at Harbledown, where 600 spaces were planned. It could be made multi-storey to provide for this number of vehicles. John will do a WinSoc response and members should consider putting in their own response. We have 28 days.

Action: John

vi. Great British Spring Clean 17th March-13th April

We should have a WinSoc litter pick again this spring and John will ask Ed if he can coordinate this with the Litter Roundtable. 7th April would be a good date.

Action: John, Ed

vii. The Canterbury Society Heritage Awards

This will be announced on Thursday 31st January in St Peter's Methodist Church Hall at .7pm

viii. Felling of plane trees by Pets at Home

This was announced on Facebook but it seems refers to the store on the Sturry Road, not the one on the Wincheap Industrial Estate.

ix. Entrances to Dane John closed

There will be a one-year trial of closing the entrances to the Dane John Gardens, except for the one by the public conveniences and along the City Wall, from around 10pm.

8. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 25th February at 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap