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Minutes 2019 - 13th May
Written by Pat Marsh   
Monday, 08 July 2019 14:43

The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society

at 7.30 pm on Monday, 13th May 2019 at 53 Wincheap

(thanks to John)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Derek Maslin, Gillian Bull, Pat Marsh, Barney Parsons

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Nick Eden-Green, Ed Craven

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 8th April, 2019

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Subway

Nothing to report.

ii. Bus Stop

Ruth Goudie at CCC said she would investigate and do a site visit. She will report back to John in a couple of weeks.

iii. Litter Pick / Graffiti

Among the finds among all the litter and rubbish on our streets during this year’s WinSoc litter pick was a printer, still with ink in it. In its report the Gazette printed a picture of last year’s litter pick, the one with the children’s musical loo seat.

John has a big box of 70 graffiti wipes, paid for out of his own pocket. CCC is using mobile cctv to try to catch the taggers.

iv. The Canterbury Society AGM

19th June – Pat will attend on behalf of WinSoc.

4. The Canterbury Society Vision

Geoff Meaden has sent a copy of the new Vision.

5. Financial Affairs

i. Payments made

To Canterbury Society, ACRA and the hosting fee for the website.

ii. Change of address for correspondence

Owing to Eddie’s death, the address will be changed to 53 Wincheap.

Action: John

iii. New Treasurer

We will seek one to be elected at the AGM.

6. Annual General Meeting

i. Venue

Jubilee Hall.

ii. Date

Friday, 5th July, 7.30pm.

Derek will contact the manager of Morrison’s to ask if there can be a notice board to advertise events like this somewhere in the supermarket entrance.

Action: Derek

iii. Agenda

We will decide whether to have the speaker first or after the AGM when we know who the speaker is.

iv. Speaker

We will ask someone from the Friends of Hambrook Marshes to come and talk about their work – 15 mins + 15mins questions.

Action: Pat

v. Treasurer’s Report

John has already produced one.

vi. Refreshments

Wine and nibbles – glasses and wine from Tipsy Fish.

Action: John

vii. Raffle

We decided not to have one this year.

viii. Election of Committee

John and Pat will stand again, as will all committee members. We will try to recruit more committee members.

7. Kent Federation of Amenity Societies

We have had a letter from KFAS informing us of a falling away of interest in the grouping. This has happened since KCC has lost its planning powers. At the same time, amenity societies have been struggling to attract members and have no time for the Kent Federation. The KFAS committee is thinking of winding it up unless they get more interest at the AGM. John will write to them.

Action: John

8. Obituaries – Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Freddie Starr, English comedian, impressionist, singer and actor; Edward Kelsey, Joe Grundy in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers; Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in Star Wars series; Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who took part in the D-day landings and the liberation of the Grand Duchy; Brian Walden, former MP and Weekend World presenter; Lord Toby Jug, regular Official Monster Raving Loony Party candidate; Seymour Nurse, West Indian cricketer (batsman); Doris Day, American singer and actress (Que sera, sera).

9. Any other business

i. Barney has a contact who may be able to reconfigure the website to take the reports currently on Gillian’s word press blog. He will talk to him.

Action: Barney

ii. Derek asked if there was a problem with his membership of the committee now he is a councillor. It was decided that there was no problem.

iii. It was noted that no bushes/trees have yet been planted along the Wincheap entrance to the playground to screen children from air pollution. We will ask Ed to contact CCC about this.

Action: John/Ed

iv. John informed us about the “Adopt a phone box” scheme, whereby we could buy or lease the Wincheap phone box from BT for £1. We would need to have a stated use for it eg defibrulator, tourist info, art installation. There is a power supply to it. Members will think about the best use.

10. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 24th June, 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap