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Minutes 2019 - 24th June
Written by Pat Marsh   
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 10:42

The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society

at 7.30 pm on Monday, 24th June 2019 at 53 Wincheap

(thanks to John)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Ed Craven, Pat Marsh, Cllr Derek Maslin

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Nick Eden-Green

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 13th May, 2019

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Subway

The lighting has been done and now has LED. The graffiti has been much reduced as it is closely monitored and cleaned off immediately.

ii. Bus Stop

This will be discussed one day next week at a tripartite meeting of Stagecoach, KCC & CCC.

iii. Canterbury Society AGM

No committee member was able to attend.

iv. Financial Affairs

a) Website Host Fee

No acknowledgement of our cheque has been received. Barney will speak to his IT friend about transferring both our sites to one new one.

Action: Barney

b) Change of address

John and Pat went to Lloyds Bank to have their signatures witnessed on the document to change the Treasurer’s address.

c) Donation in memory of Eddie

This has been sent to RNLI Canterbury.

v. AGM (see later)

vi. Website reconfiguration

See iv. a)

vii. Playground

Update from CCC Officer Rebecca Booth: Unfortunately, we were not able to plant last winter. The play space expanded a little on what we had originally envisaged with regards to the new trees and so we needed a rethink on what trees would be suitable and will thrive in the setting. To this end we have chosen narrow trees that will not spread too wide and pose issues with mess dropping onto play equipment and benches, and will not negatively impact of people's enjoyment of the space, but will still enhance, add colour and provide additional buffer between the road and the play area.

We have now selected the following trees to be planted this coming winter: 2 x Liquidambar Slender Silhouette (sweet gum); Prunus sargentii Rancho (cherry blossom) and Pyrus calleryana Red Spire (ornamental pear).

Ed will suggest they plant an escallonia hedge instead as the trees will not block the air pollution.

Action: Ed

viii. Adopt-a-phone-box

We will ask if BT can repair the phone box before we adopt it. When we adopt it, we could put up information about local societies, classes, etc. and keep it locked. It would be good to have cctv on it as well.

Action: John

4. AGM

  1. Venue / date / time

Jubilee Hall, Friday 5th July, 7.30pm

  1. Agenda

The business part of the meeting will come first, followed by refreshments and then the guest speaker.

  1. Speaker / equipment

Michael Walter of Love Hambrook Marshes. Barney will be providing all the equipment he needs – laptop, digital projector and screen.

  1. Chairman’s Report

John will include Gillian’s summary of our representations concerning the north slip road off the A2 (bellmouth junction) in his report on our activities over the year.

Action: John

  1. Financial Statement


  1. Election of Officers and Committee

Barney will stand as Treasurer and the rest of the committee will stand again.

  1. Wine and glasses

John has arranged this. Ed will help to transport the wine from The Tipsy Fish.

Action: John, Ed

  1. Nibbles

Barney will purchase these.

Action: Barney

  1. Subscriptions

The subscriptions will remain the same. Pat will collect them at the door when people fill in their membership forms.

Action: Pat

5. Obituaries

Nan Winton, first female newsreader to read the national news on the BBC; Niki Lauda, Austrian Formula One racing driver and three-time world champion; Judith Kerr, German-born British writer and illustrator (The Tiger Who Came to Tea); Andrew Hall, English actor and theatre director (BBC comedy Butterflies); Dr John, American singer & songwriter (Such a Night); Gloria Vanderbilt, American artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, and socialite; Peter Ball, Church of England bishop and convicted sex offender; William Simons, Welsh actor best known for his role as PC Alf Ventress in Heartbeat; Franco Zeffirelli, Italian director and producer of opera, film and TV (Romeo and Juliet).

6. Any other business

  1. We will plan a quiz night for the end of the year.
  2. We will resubmit our objections re the appeal from developers concerning the St Mary Bredin’s School site.

Action: John

  1. KFAS has been wound up.
  2. At the Thanington Parish Council AGM the developers of the Pentland site presented their plans. It will be called Saxon Fields, not Thanington Park. They are currently installing infrastructure, including a new sewerage system. The design of the houses will be “contemporary”.

7. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 22nd July 2019 at 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap (thanks to John)