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Minutes 2019 - 19th August (brought forward from 2nd September)
Written by Pat Marsh   
Tuesday, 24 September 2019 10:46


The Wincheap Society

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society

at 7.30 pm on Monday, 19th August 2019 at 53 Wincheap

(meeting brought forward from scheduled 2nd September)

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Barney Parsons, Gillian Bull, Pat Marsh, Cllr Derek Maslin, Cllr Nick Eden-Green

1. Apologies for absence:

2. Minutes of the last meeting 22nd July, 2019

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Subway – barriers on steps

No one knows why the barriers are there but the contractors are due to install the film in the tunnel and steamclean. Nick has also asked that the weeds be removed from the concrete.

ii. Bus Stop

Ruth Goudie is away so no progress has been made on this.

iii. Website

Barney’s original choice to help us has gone back to Cambridge but he has someone else in mind.

Action: Barney

iv. Playground - back entrance

Derek has had a response. It’ll have to be a heritage gate so he will ask for a price to see if he can cover it with his councillor grant.

Action: Derek

v. Adopt-a-phone-box

John has found another number to call about this and will see if he has any joy there.

Action: John

vi. Quiz night

John hasn’t been able to get through to Dinah about having Jubilee Hall for the date we’ve pencilled in (18th October), but it is a day when the Church uses it (Fridays). We will change it to Saturday 26th and Barney will also see if the Scout Hall is free.

Action: Barney, John

vii. Former Mary Bredin School Appeal – Informal Hearing

Tuesday, 3rd September from 10am all day in the Marion Attwood Room, Council Offices. Nick will attend.

viii. Financial Affairs

Lloyds has finally sorted out the right form to fill in for changing the Treasurer and is sending it to John’s address. Barney and John will sort everything out.

Action: Barney, John

ix. Meeting with Rosie Duffield, M.P.

The meeting was cancelled owing to an illness in Rosie’s family. Gillian will write to Rosie again to ask for an urgent meeting to also update her about the rest of the road network/Park & Ride problems in the Thanington/Wincheap area.

Action: Gillian

x. Meeting with Cllr Rob Thomas.

Pat and Steve Skinner met Cllr Thomas at Pat’s house on 7th August. They made a plea for the Council to do an urgent review of all the plans for the road network/Park & Ride in the Wincheap/Thanington area as they seem to have been made in isolation and together create traffic hazards and unacceptable environmental damage now the Council has declared a climate emergency. Pat and Steve took Cllr Thomas through some alternatives to the current plans which would do a great deal to make them safer and simpler, as well as obviating the need to extend the Park & Ride into the wet woodland and water meadows. They gave him a paper with diagrams to illustrate the dangers of the current plans and the advantages of alternatives. (This paper is available to view on our website.)

The amended plans for the Park & Ride then came out for consultation on 13th August. In view of the fact that they still envisage the felling of scores of trees and destruction of wildlife habitat, Pat wrote to Cllr Thomas to express our disappointment that he hadn’t intervened to do a review of all the plans as we requested. Cllr Thomas replied to Pat’s email today and stated that these plans had already been in the system and must go to the Planning Committee for its decision.

Re reviewing the road network and considering alternatives to the current plans, he stated that he’d been told the alternative solutions that have been proposed are potentially more damaging to Hambrook Marshes as the supporting infrastructure would need to be built directly onto the marshes. He also said the £4.4m we had thought available from the Local Growth Fund, which could have financed widening the A2 bridge over Hambrook Marshes in order to make a simpler route for the off slip, has now been withdrawn. The Council is therefore reliant on Pentland’s contributions for the slip road, which will only be forthcoming after they have built their 451st house on the Thanington site.

We will now try to discover why the £4.4m has been withdrawn and whether the money from the Local Growth Fund going to two other projects in Kent has also been withdrawn. We will ask if the Council can reapply for finance from the same Fund.

Action: Nick, Derek

xi. Canterbury Society – Bus services 5th September 7.30pm

Barney will attend the meeting to ask about establishing a direct bus service between Canterbury and the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. He will also ask about installing a bus stop between Station Road East and the bottom of St Dunstan’s St.

Action: Barney

4. Park and Ride Amended Application

i. Revised Plans

The revised plans are on the Council website and Pat has informed members how to respond to the consultation, as well as putting the information up on the website. The deadline for comments has been extended to 9th September. John will prepare our response and send it round the committee for comments.

Action: John

ii. “Save Wincheap Water Meadows” Group

A campaign group has been set up to oppose extending the Park & Ride onto the water meadows. Several WinSoc members are also founder members of the group. They have produced 1,000 flyers informing residents about the plans and urging them to respond to the consultation and post comments on the Facebook page. We will contribute £25 to the cost of the flyers and ask for 250 to deliver to houses on Heaton Road, Victoria Road, Grays Way and Tonford Lane, and on Hollow Lane and Ashford Road if we have enough. Derek will pick them up from Rick Norman. We will suggest printing 1,000 more.

John will put up laminated A4 posters of the flyer in shops on Wincheap if the group approves. Pat will check with Rick and other members.

Action: Derek, Pat, John

5. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Harold Prince, American theatrical producer; Joe Longthorne, English singer and impressionist; Russi Taylor, voice of Minnie Mouse; Dick Richards, drummer with Bill Haley and the Comets; Toni Morrison, Nobel-Prize-winning African American novelist (Beloved); Peter Fonda, American actor, director and screenwriter (Easy Rider); Richard Williams, Canadian-British animator (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?).

6. Any other business

i. Maiden’s Head Hanging Baskets

We will send a letter congratulating the pub on the magnificence of their hanging baskets.

Action: John

ii. Paula sent us useful contacts: the police contact for graffiti is a Steve Broomhead and there is a new Community Safety Officer starting also with responsibility for graffiti – she is Debbie Heath. Paula has passed on our details to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Canterbury District, Mr David Hayward. He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7. Date of next meeting

Monday, 23rd September at 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap


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