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Minutes 2015-February 19th
Written by Pat Marsh   
Sunday, 22 February 2015 18:20

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30p.m. on Thursday, 19th February, 2015 at 53 Wincheap

Present: John Osborne, David Wilson, Sarah Walter, Joe Passey, Pat Marsh

1. Apologies for absence: James Wilford, Spencer Hollands, Eddie Peake, Anne Fosterr

2. Minutes of the Committee Meeting 15th January 2015

The Minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Jubilee Hall

Sarah rang Ian Barnes to ask for a meeting. His line manager, Martin Bobbington, will want to attend and he is on leave, so the meeting will be arranged when he is back. Nick Eden-Green is hoping to be able to attend.

CCC is concerned that it is not worth doing renovations if the Hall will soon be demolished when the new relief road in the Draft Local Plan is built. There may also be asbestos present, which would be expensive to deal with.

ii. HMO flyers, street marshal scheme, meeting with CCCU

Joe and Pat have delivered the WinSoc flyers to the houses on their lists. Joe has 40-50 left so Pat will deliver these to some houses remaining in Martyrs Field area.

Pat reported back on the street marshals scheme, which should start up in April/May as soon as the police have trained the employees of the winning contractor, Right Guard Security.

The Steering Group has asked RAs to do a questionnaire among residents about the current situation concerning noise from people passing through the area at night so that they can assess the success or otherwise of the scheme with a ‘before and after’ scenario. Pat has prepared some questions and will add one about ASB. Apparently this has been a serious problem in Worthgate Place, Castle Row and the Tannery development.

Pat has a meeting next Tuesday with Christ Church directors. CCCU made a presentation to Oaten Hill District Society in January during which they stated the university still aims to recruit another 2,000 students.

The Council's Student Impact Scrutiny Review of 2006 acknowledged all the benefits for Canterbury of having the universities in our city but also warned about the negative impacts large numbers of students living in the community could have. Canterbury now has the second highest amount of privately rented accommodation in the country, the lowest proportion of owner occupiers (43%) and the lowest birth rate. In sum, it's a dying city where young families are increasingly forced out by the soaring house prices caused by the purchase of houses to rent out to students and by the unsuitability of living in communities where a student lifestyle predominates.

Pat will be accompanied by Rev. Mike Walling (Barton Residents' Association), Fred Whitemore (Oaten Hill District Society) and Tim Carlyle (South Canterbury Residents' Association). They will be urging CCCU not to increase student numbers any further in Canterbury and to build more student accommodation which would remove some second-year students from HMOs in the city so that they can be brought back into use as family homes and our communities regenerated. They will be urging the university to respect the cap of 50% of full-time students requiring accommodation living outside university accommodation.

iii. Former Peugeot site

John presented the views of ACRA and other RAs on the planned development. It is considered too high, potentially affecting views of the Cathedral, and the lack of open space and dropping-off areas were highlighted. Traffic congestion will be another problem with large numbers of students wanting to cross Old Dover Rd. WinSoc also has doubts that students will be able to afford the luxury accommodation and regrets the fact that the accommodation will be run by the hedge fund owners rather than by CCCU, thus contributing little to the local economy

iv. Quiz Night – see later.

v. Slatters Hotel Presentation

This development is by the same architect as the former Peugeot site. The same concerns about height are present here.

4. Quiz Night

Friday, 27th February, at the Jubilee Hall. Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm. £5 a head - bring your own alcohol. Joe and Sarah have finalised arrangements for the questions and question master, and will do the catering. There will be no raffle this year but bowling for a bottle instead, which Joe will organise. John has prepared all the answer sheets and provided pens.

5. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Brian Clemens, English screenwriter and TV producer, the man behind The Avengers; Ian McDougall, BBC foreign correspondent; Alan Howard, English actor, known especially for his Shakespearean roles; Pauline Yates, English actor, ElizabethPerrin in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin; Ward Swingle, founder of  The Swingle Singers; Anne Kirkbride, Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street; Demis Roussos, Greek singer; Geraldine McEwan, Miss Marple in the TV series Marple; Michele Ferrero, Italian chocolate magnate; Louis Jourdan, Gaston in Gigi; Lesley Gore, American singer, songwriter, actor and activist (It’s My Party); Leon Brittan, Home Secretary under Mrs Thatcher, European Commissioner; Pamela Cundell, Mrs Fox in Dad’s Army.

6. Any other business

i.  Cab Co taxi business at 92 Wincheap

Sarah's neighbour has complained about the noise caused by drivers sitting in their cars with the engines running in the middle of the night.

ii.  Lighting in Wincheap subway

Viv Woods' letter to Martin Vye about the poor lighting and faulty drainage was read and supported.

iii. Pavement on York Road

Martin Vye replied that he will try to get something done about the uneven pavement.

iv. Bikes out in force on pavement again

Sarah has nearly been knocked down twice. We need to insist on PCSOs patrolling again.

v.  Tree at Canon Appleton Court

Is the new one dead again?

vi.  Former St Mildred’s School

Pat asked about the building and was informed that it is listed and in a conservation area. It is now owned by the hedge fund which has bought all of the former Peugeot site. It was not considered suitable to explore as a new Wincheap Community Centre, being on the edge of the ward.

7. Date of next Meeting

Thursday, 12th March 2015 at Wincheap Guest House .

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