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Minutes 2015-August 27th
Written by Pat Marsh   
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 20:38

Minutes of the committee meeting of the Wincheap Society held at 7.30hr on Thursday 27 August 2015 at 53 Wincheap

1. Present : John Osborne (Chair) Eddie Peake, Joe Passey, Sarah Walter

2.  Apologies: Pat Marsh, Debra Johnson

3.  Minutes of the last meeting 25 June 2015

These were agreed and signed as a correct record.

4.  Matters arising

i  Wincheap Estate Camp

In the absence of Dave this item was deferred until the next meeting.

ii  Cycling on Pavements

Also deferred. Pat was going to contact the PCSO

iii  Imperial Public House

No decision on future use so far. John circulated his letter of objection in relation to

the second proposed plan for this site.

iv  Annual General Meeting

John felt that there should be more members present when this was discussed.     Item deferred.

v  Allotment Holders Quiz Night

This had been a very enjoyable eventing . WINSOC team came 4th out of 11 teams.

vi  District Plan

Clive Church of ACRA has attended every day of the Hearing. His report on this has

been   circulated. Except for Nick Eden Green no councillors had attended.

John has sent Clive a letter of thanks.

vii  Roger Britton Site

As reported at the last meeting, the site had been sold on 23 June 2015 for £395,000.

Subsequent to this John had asked the auctioneers to contact the new owners to ask if they

would be prepared to let us have any information as to future plans for the site but he has

had no response so far. The building looks very dangerous now,  with bits falling off it.

John will write to the Council requesting them to issue a potential Section 215 to compel the

new owners to make it safe.

viii  Parking in Martyrs Field Road

As Dave not present this item was deferred.

5.  Thanington Park

Curtin and Co (Agents for Pentland Properties Ltd) sent an email to Michael Rundell requesting a meeting with WINSOC to ask for our support of their plans. The open day held by them at the Kent Cricket Club had generated 26 comments (mainly positive!) There is a proposal on the table to build a new Hospice on the new development. This is to be supported by the Tory Family Foundation.

Following the open day, the developers’ plan for a new purpose built Hospice has been headlined on a document delivered to 20,000 homes across the city, which is printed in the format of a free local paper entitled The Canterbury Chronicle. The very small print at the bottom of the front page says that it has been produced by Curtin and Co, on behalf of Pilgrims Hospices, Pentland Properties, Quinn Estates and the Tory Family Foundation.

In addition, the paper outlines a proposal to build

750 new houses 30% (up to 250) of which will be affordable  new wildlife corridor around the whole southern boundary  new park with play areas for kids, new allotments enabling local people to grow their own food,  new residential nursing home,new business park.

The Canterbury Chronicle fails to mention the problems that might arise with such a significant increase in the numbers of local residents.

John circulated the views of Brian Robinson, Martin Vye and Pat Marsh. It was generally felt that the promise to build a new Hospice was to enable the plan to pass through Planning more easily. The Tory Family Foundation from their own website have an approximate yearly income of £100,000 average) and appear to have spent slightly less than £100,000 per year for the past five years (apart from 2012 when it spent £112,494) A new Hospice building would probably cost in excess of £10m.

There is no evidence of any plan to deal with the increased traffic that the site will generate. Given the congestion and air pollution that already exists in Wincheap, this is likely to prove a disaster for the people who live and work in the area.

A development of this size should include not only affordable housing but also the infrastructure to deal with the increased needs of the people who live there.

We missed the deadline for comment on the proposal. John will investigate whether we are able to add later comments.

Unfortunately WINSOC had not been represented at the local meeting at the Thanington Resource Centre where it appears that views were not so positive.

6.  Club Chemistry application for extension of opening hours.

John had written to the Licensing Committee to represent the views of WINSOC. Joe and Sarah have also both written as individuals. Sarah will attend the Licensing Committee on 22 September and Joe will try go as well depending on his business commitments.

7,  Planning Applications

i  Butchers shop - application to become an Italian Restaurant      Decision due to the need to increase the size of the chimney flue.


ii  Maidens Head Pub - application to develop accommodation lettings


8.  Obituaries

Ian Allan Sir Nicholas Winton  Val Doonican    Omar Sharif    Chris Squire    Peter O’Sullivan  Lynne Anderson  Cilla Black    George Cole    David Nobbs    Stephen Lewis

9.  Any Other Business

i  Joe had received a letter from Network Rail to tell him that the work on the Wincheap Bridge was imminent. However they had been having some difficulties about necessary road closures and were in discussion with the local authority. as to how the necessary access could be achieved.

ii  Sarah had been with friends to the Family Entertainment Centre - Play Islands. Friends have a 3 year old who absolutely loved it. It was full of kids enjoying themselves and is very cheap - £3 for unlimited visit. There is good access for parents who can sit and watch and have coffee and tea and light snacks. It appears to be a real community asset. We have recently heard that the owners have now opened three other centres and seem to be doing well.





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