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Minutes 2015-November 16th
Written by Pat Marsh   
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 20:46

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30pm on Monday, 16th November, 2015 at 53 Wincheap

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Dave Wilson, Spencer Hollands, Pat Marsh, Gillian Bull

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake, Sarah Walter, Debra Johnson

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 1st October, 2015

The Minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Wincheap Estate Camp

There is nobody there currently. We will keep an eye on it.

ii. Cycling on pavements

Spencer has returned the cctv cameras he bought as they didn't perform as expected. He will purchase some other ones which he hopes will be better. Spencer will also check the legal situation.

Action: Spencer

John will contact the police inspector who wrote to us when we last lodged a complaint.

Action: John

iii. Imperial P.H.

The planning application with alterations omitting the extension and seeking permission for two flats downstairs went before the Planning Committee on 10th November. The Planning Officer concerned recommended acceptance as our objections about the extension and possibility of the space becoming an HMO had been addressed.

iv. Former Roger Britton Site

John has been in touch with the Land Registry and the new owners are Grove Hotel Ltd of Plaistow Rd, Bromley. They paid £395,000 for the site and the sale went through on 28th July 2015. Our 215 application has been acknowledged but nothing further heard yet. John will contact the Council about it if he has still heard nothing in a week.

Action: John

v. Parking in Martyrs Field Road

Pat noted that two attempts have been made over the years to petition the Council for restricted parking in Martyrs Field Rd but neither was successful as not enough signatures were collected. Dave will find out the conditions for having controlled parking before we start another petition.

Action: Dave

vi. Thanington Park / Slip Road

See below.

vii. Club Chemistry – Appeal

John will write and again support those objecting to the extended opening hours and Sarah will represent us at the hearing on 1st December.

viii. SMRARA Newsletter

Pat has not yet found out the costs of producing the newsletter. She will try to do so before the next meeting.

Action: Pat

4. Local Plan

Several sites for development, including Thanington Park, have been added to the Draft Local Plan to meet the Inspector's demands for more housing in the next five years. Developers are taking advantage of the fact that the Plan has not yet been approved by putting in applications which the Council cannot really refuse.

The development for 52 houses behind Wincheap School has received approval.

5. Student Impact Review / Street Marshals

The Student Community Working Group (SCWG) has started the new Student Impact Review (SIR).  Pat reported back on the ACRA meeting about SIR. The goal is to produce something within nine months. The SCWG plans to hold one or possibly two more public meetings (e.g. to involve more RAs), and to look at best practice in similar cathedral/student cities. There will be two questionnaires: one for the city as a whole, the other for student hotspots. Broadly, it felt like a fairly promising start.

Composition of SCWG: students and universities well-represented, from our point of view too little representation from RAs (it was noted that WinSoc does not have a representative), but Fred Whitemore (OHDS) felt there was no point in complaining about this. The key is that the three RA reps (OHDS, St Mildred’s, Craddock Rd) should all attend actively. It was established that the Canterbury Society (originally not on the membership list) will now be co-opted.

Submissions to the SIR: the goal is to make submissions before the next SCWG meeting (9th December). It was agreed that RAs should draft their own submissions first, email them to Clive by 30th November and then Clive will collate them to produce an ACRA submission. Pat Edwards (SCA) pointed out the disparity between the council’s optimistic “progress since 2006” claims and the reality on the ground. Fred felt we should not be diverted by this but focus on what we want to happen now.

Structure of submissions: best if we all follow the same template, so base these on the four themes used in the table in Velia Coffey’s document titled “Student Impact Review Committee Report” (15th September), viz. Social, Cultural, Physical, Economic. Also keep in mind the relationship between this impact review and the DLP. It is important to stress how pressured some areas of the city are now feeling (David Kemsley (OHDS) made this point especially about people in his area), with pressures on housing, transport, health etc. Fred said it was fine to emphasise all this but we should if possible back it up with hard evidence: what level would we find acceptable, what more the universities should be doing in terms of creating their own accommodation etc. There are no reliable stats on the numbers of HMOs, and the only way to get these is (as Clare and colleagues at SMRARA have done) use local knowledge to create a map showing HMO concentrations.

Pat will draft WinSoc’s submission and send it round for approval by the committee before submitting it by 30th November.

Action: Pat

Street Marshals Scheme – the feedback from both residents and students has been positive so far.

6. Article Four Direction

Full Council approved it and it will come into force on 27th February 2016 as originally planned.

7. Thanington Park / Slip Road

John handed out the Thanington Park Community Newsletter. All were sceptical about how many of the planned amenities will actually be built. It was felt that the Council had no real vision for the city and so development will be developer-led, as in this case.

Gillian thought it likely that Kent Highways will veto the development because of the lack of viability of the slip roads and the huge increase in congestion on Wincheap which would result from the development. We should make much of this issue in meetings.

There will be a meeting on 3rd December at 7pm with representatives of the Council and Pilgrims' Hospice. Many of the facilities proposed in the plans already exist in Thanington (eg community centre). It was thought that the sports grounds would not be adopted by the Council if implemented.

Cllr Charlotte MacCaul is seeking a contribution from WinSoc for the leaflet printing about the meeting and John will call her to say we can make a contribution.

Action: John

John, Spencer and Gillian will go to the meeting. Gillian will go on the mailing list for Thanington Park issues and has experience in reading contracts for big projects. She will be our main representative on this. She will also look into the Canterbury Society's alleged approval of the development.

8. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting.

Dennis Healey, Labour Secretary of State for Defence and Chancellor of the Exchequer; Michael Meacher, Labour Minister; Hugh Scully, BBC TV presenter (Antiques Roadshow); Gordon Honeycombe, BBC newsreader; Geoffrey Howe, Conservative Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer; Sue Lloyd-Roberts, TV journalist; Peter Baldwin, actor (Coronation Street); Professor Lisa Jardine, British historian, leading intellectual; Tom Graveney, English cricketer; George Barris, American designer and builder of many Hollywood custom cars (Batmobile); Colin Welland, British actor and screenwriter, Oscar winner for Chariots of Fire; Peter Donaldson, BBC Radio 4 newsreader; Warren Mitchell, English actor (Alf Garnett in Till Death Do Us Part); Joe Henson,  farmer, founder of Rare Breeds Survival Trust; Cynthia Payne, English brothel keeper and party hostess known as Madam Cyn; Saeed Jaffrey, British actor of Indian origin (Tandoori Nights, Jewel in the Crown); Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, English rock drummer with Motörhead.

9. Any other business

Canterbury Society social for RA committee members 1st December –  John, Michael and Spencer will go if they are free.

Canterbury Society has launched a project for the preservation of war memorials – members should get in touch with Jan Pahl if they are interested.

Pavement works still not done – Martyrs Field Rd (John is awaiting a response from Kent Highways) and East Station footbridge

There is an application to convert the oasthouse on Hollow Lane. It looks reasonable and acceptable.

10. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 11th January at 7.30pm