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Minutes 2016-January 11th
Written by Pat Marsh   
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 20:48

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30pm on Monday, 11th January, 2016 at 53 Wincheap

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Gillian Bull, James Wilford, Sarah Walter, Joe Passey, Pat Marsh

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake, Dave Wilson

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 16th November, 2015

The Minutes were signed as a correct account.

3. Matters Arising

i. Cycling / CCTV

We are waiting for an update from Spencer on the better-quality camera he was ordering.

In the meantime one of Joe's guests has been knocked down by a cyclist, who was riding too fast on the pavement. The cyclist did stop and apologise, and Joe didn't report the incident to the police.

ii. Roger Britton

Demolition has started.

iii. Parking in Martyrs Field Road

We are waiting for an update from Dave.

iv. Club Chemistry Appeal

This will probably take place in March. The owners would like to come and talk to us to put their case at a meeting.

v. SMRARA  Newsletter

Pat was informed that SMRARA have their own professional–type printer and that they fund the quarterly newsletters from subs. Their printing, stationery and postage expenditure last year was £336. The majority of this would have been newsletters, which they deliver in paper form to about 80 households.

Their Welcome Booklet (for new student HMOs) is funded partly from advertising and printed at CCC. Apparently any community organisation can use their print services. Cost to SMRARA for this academic year was £180. This is a big print run as they deliver copies to all houses in our area.

It would be good to produce our own Welcome Booklet but we haven't currently got the manpower to deliver to all HMOs in the area. Perhaps we'll have more members in the spring and can think about this again.

vi. Draft Local Plan – see later

vii. Student Impact Review – see later

viii. Thanington Park – see later

ix. Canterbury Society Social

John attended. A CCCU lecturer showed a film about Old Canterbury and will let us know when he is next doing a showing. Sadly, he couldn't do a showing at our AGM as he needs special facilities.

The Canterbury Society Design Award has now been decided and will be presented early this year.

x. Highways works

Notification should be given to KCC of the following: Gordon Rd brickwork needs repair, the York Rd junction is crumbling again.

Martyrs Field Rd pavement outside No.19 has been repaired but with a terrible standard of work (just some asphalt thrown over the eroded pavement, not even levelled).

The subway from Wincheap to Castle St has flooded again during the heavy rains as the drain is not only wrongly positioned but also blocked.

Action: John

4. Student Impact Review

Pat submitted our response to the Student Community Working Group (SCWG) and to ACRA at the end of November. There will be a meeting with RAs on 8th February.

Cradock Rd RA has withdrawn from the SCWG and WinSoc has been proposed to replace them. If this is approved, Pat will represent WinSoc on the Group.

5. Local Plan Representation

The consultation on the amendments to the Draft Local Plan (DLP) ends on 22nd January. Gillian is going to put in her own response on the Thanington Park development, focussing on the impracticality of the cycle paths and the sudden extension of the number of houses from 750 to 1,200. John will expand his presentation to the Planning Committee (see item 6.) as our response with help from Gillian, focussing on the traffic problems on Wincheap which will result from the development (increased congestion, pollution).

John will circulate the WinSoc response to committee members for their approval and will also send our final response to ACRA as requested by them.

Sarah will ask Nick Eden-Green on what basis he will claim maladminstration on the Thanington Park issue so we can also mention this in our response.

Action: John, Gillian, Sarah

6. Thanington Park

John spoke at the Planning Committee meeting when the application was considered, presenting our objections. Nick Eden-Green objected that planning approval couldn't be given while the site was still under consultation in the amendments to the DLP. CCC's lawyer said this was a separate issue.

Kent Highways stated that the plans for managing the extra traffic were adequate. The application was given outline approval.

7. Obituaries - Deaths Recorded Since Our Last Meeting

Anthony Valentine, English actor (Raffles); Keith Michell, Australian-born British actor (Henry VIII in BBC series and Captain Beaky); Jimmy Hill, English football professional and personality; Lord Janner, British politician, barrister and writer, who was alleged to have abused vulnerable children (he died before court proceedings could formally establish the facts); Natalie  Cole, American singer and songwriter (Unforgettable); Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, broadcaster, BBC radio DJ; David Bowie, English singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, painter and actor (Space Oddity, Heroes); Ian Fraser Kilmister (Motörhead frontman Lemmy).

8. Any other business

Litter: John went to the meeting at the Council Offices on the grot spots in the area and action to be taken. Particular problems are recycling box contents being spilt when emptied or attacked by seagulls and front garden rubbish, as well as takeaway food and drink containers left on the street or tossed into gardens. Many individuals do litter-picking in their areas. John also paints over graffiti immediately on the side of 61, Wincheap and believes this deters the graffiti artists. Dog mess on the streets is also getting worse; it was agreed more bins were needed where people walk their dogs.

Action proposed at the meeting:

All bins need lids to stop the seagulls (CCC claims they don’t have the money to implement this);

Better liaison with Serco and checking they are doing the job properly.

James talked about the Purple Flag scheme concerned with the responsible operation of Canterbury’s night-time economy. Bob Jones (in charge of BID) brought together all the people involved in the night-time economy to conduct a review, which was very positive. However, the Purple Flag zone doesn't include Wincheap; perhaps it should be extended in case we have problems.

James also raised concerns about 34 Simmonds Rd (formerly Lingo Lingo), now an extension of the Kent Council on Addiction (KCA) hostel. No application has been made for change of use. The police were apparently called there recently because an inmate was claimed to be a risk to women and children and was planning to abduct a child. This person is said to now have a Right Guard employee with him all the time. James, Sarah and Joe will do more research on this to check on the veracity of this information and consider if a response is required from us.

Action: James, Sarah, Joe

CCC has given us a list of all the consultations which are open. We will respond to the amendments to the DLP (see item 5).

We have been informed that the Canterbury Conservation Advisory Committee is now called Canterbury Heritage Design Forum.

We are invited to attend the Canterbury Area Members Panel meetings at the Guildhall, in which residents can take part. The next one will take place on 7th March at 7pm.

There is no news about the closure of the Jubilee Hall – it is still in use.

The replacement for the copper beech outside Canon Appleton Court has been removed. It came into leaf but the leaves perished later in the year. John will email CCC and ask what they are going to do about it. Perhaps Canon Appleton Court could plant a new one.

9. Date of next Meeting

Monday, 8th February 2016 at 7.30pm at Wincheap Guest House