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Minutes 2016-May 26th
Written by Pat Marsh   
Friday, 10 February 2017 20:15

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of The Wincheap Society at 7.30pm on Thursday, 26th May, 2016 at 94 Wincheap

Present: John Osborne (Chairman), Sarah Walter, Joe Passey, Pat Marsh, James Wilford

1. Apologies for absence: Eddie Peake, Debra Johnson, Gillian Bull

2. Address by Louise and Matthew Jones-Roberts, owners of Club Chemistry, guests for the first part of the meeting

Louise and Matthew thanked us for the invitation to attend our meeting and asked what we would like to say to them. Sarah focussed on the disturbances at night from people leaving Club Chemistry. Their rowdy behaviour disrupts the sleep of residents who have to get up and go to work in the mornings; people’s lives are quite simply made a misery. The mindless vandalism is also unsettling and annoying: sandbags have been thrown around on Wincheap, tomato ketchup squirted all over Sarah’s car, a bin thrown through a window, cars jumped on and damaged, not to mention the fact that the hairdresser’s and Chinese takeaway have been broken into. All these incidents may not be due to people who are returning from Club Chemistry, but they are viewed by most residents as such. This is a highly emotive issue in the area. The anti-social behaviour is also not necessarily all from students, but Canterbury has the second highest proportion of students to resident population in the country after Bath, and they tend to be blamed for all anti-social behaviour at night.

Louise and Matthew explained that they have various policies and strategies to try to mitigate the impact of people arriving at and leaving their premises in the early hours:


  • they don't let in people who are drunk, not appropriately dressed, or lacking in accepted ID;
  • their recent application to the Council to have later opening hours was aimed at staggering the times when people leave the Club. When the Club closed at 2am, everyone used to leave together and this led to more fighting and ASB;
  • they turn the volume of the music down and play slower music towards the end of the evening; this means people calm down and don't shout when they come out;
  • they give high importance to staff training, especially for door staff, who will not let in people who are too boisterous and/or drunk. They also pre-warn other venues about such people and involve the police if necessary. There is a constantly monitored bank of 34 cctv cameras;
  • they employ several women staff, who have been shown to defuse problems of aggression;
  • they control the taxi queue;
  • they have plenty of literature and prominent signage inside and outside the venue about not disturbing residents when leaving;
  • they have an incident room for those who are drunk and incapable or very rowdy;
  • they were instrumental in getting the Purple Flag accreditation for Canterbury and Louise is active on the board of Neighbourhood Watch.


Wincheap residents feel that Friday and Saturday nights are generally the worst for disturbances, but admit there is no real identifiable pattern. The situation has improved considerably since the street marshals were introduced. Pat summarised the results of the residents' survey on the street marshals pilot scheme (started in September 2015), which was carried out after the first university term. It showed a reduction from 88% to 66% in residents being disturbed at night and an increase from 12% to 34% in those who said they were never disturbed.

Louise said the greatest problems were caused by a very small minority, usually those who come to the Club 'pre-tanked'. She and Matthew invited us to keep up the dialogue with them and let them know about problems we encounter in the future linked to Club Chemistry.

John asked Louise to make sure cars don't park on the pavement in front of Club Chemistry as pedestrians have to walk in the road as a result. The problem is that this area is their property and cars will get clamped if they park in the road. John asked if they could park on the 'sloping' part of the pavement and Louise said she expected that would be possible.

Louise and Matthew left before the next part of the meeting.

3. Minutes of the last meeting 20th April, 2016

The minutes were signed as a correct account.

4. Matters Arising

i. Thanington Park

Most activity around fighting this development is being done by ACRA, but John handed out a report by Cllr Nick Eden-Green to Thanington Parish Council on 25th May for our reference.

ii. Cycling on pavements

Sarah wondered if we could ask for the pavement to be divided between cyclists and pedestrians on Wincheap, but this would only be possible up to where the pavement narrows before the pelican crossing. This would be a problem area for such an arrangement.  John will write to KCC about trying to provide cycle lanes on Wincheap.

Action: John

iii. Wincheap Society Quiz Night (see later)

iv. AGM (see later)

5. Wincheap Society Quiz Night

It was decided to have the Quiz in late September/early October and to advertise it well in the local papers. Joe will see if we can book Jubilee Hall for 30th September or 7th October.

Action: Joe

6. AGM

i. Date and Venue

Joe has booked the Jubilee Hall for the evening of Friday, 24th June. James will post the event on the Canterbury Residents' Group Facebook page, which is followed by over 4,000 residents. John and Sarah will prepare a text for it.

Action: James, John, Sarah

ii. Agenda

Chairman's and Treasurer's reports, election of officers, inviting more committee members, AOB, speaker.

iii. Speaker

Sarah will confirm with Nick Eden-Green that he is free that evening to speak about Thanington Park.

Action: Sarah

iv. Refreshments

We will prepare the usual snacks and have wine and fruit juice. James suggested having a donations plate to help pay for refreshments.

Action: Joe, Sarah, John

7. Obituaries – deaths recorded since our last meeting

Barry Howard, English actor (Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in the BBC’s Hi De Hi); Billy Paul, American soul singer (Me and Mrs Jones); Jonathan Cainer, British astrologer (Daily Mail); Sally Brampton, founding editor of Elle magazine and newspaper columnist, who wrote about her struggles with depression; Burt Kwouk, British actor (Cato in The Pink Panther); Guy Hamilton, English film director (four James Bond films); Choppers, the chimpanzee which played Ada in the PG Tips commercials.

8. Any other business

John and Eddie have produced our financial statement for the year, which will be presented at the AGM. We have £46.71 cash in hand and £60.29 in the bank after subtracting the £4,500 we are holding for the resurfacing of Hop Garden Way.

The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre is looking for volunteers for their events 1st-12th June.

Canterbury Christ Church University’s development proposals for the North Holmes Campus and former HM Prison will be on exhibition at Augustine House from 16th June to 24th June, with a member of the design team available to speak to on Thursday 16th June from 10am to 6pm; on Saturday, 18th June from 9.30am to 1pm; and on Wednesday 22nd June from 4pm to 7.30pm.

The work on the former Roger Britton building seems to have stopped. John will find out what's happening.

Action: John

9. Date of next meeting

Thursday, 16th June at 7.30pm at 53 Wincheap

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